Who We Are

Introducing Il Giardino Ristorante - a family-run Italian restaurant established over 30 years ago by Francesco and Adriana Sormani.

​It was in 1987 that the couple decided to uproot from Bristol , where they had already created a successful Italian restaurant called Sormani's, and re-locate to the sunny beachfront of Clevedon - a little slice of paradise, that on an extremely good day, can be compared to riviera in Italy itself.

With four little ones in tow, the pair set about creating a legacy for their children, and ultimately their children's children. And that is what Il Giardino is all about. A family-run restaurant, built-up using the wealth of experience that Francesco and Adriana had garnered from a history in catering spanning decades.

Good, honest food, sourced from local suppliers, coupled with the virtues of traditional service - these are the values which underpin this family-restaurant's ethos. We hope that you enjoy the experience.

Il Giardino Restaurant, 12 The Beach, Clevedon, North Somerset, BS21 7QU

Renato Sormani


Managing Director

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